Call your Legislators

Since legislators want to hear directly from their constituents, the single most effective action you can take is to meet with your own legislators, tell them your story if you have one, and ask them to support the bill. If you meet with your legislators, bring these two flyers with you to give to them:
Overview of the bill flyer
Myths vs. realities

The second most effective action you can take is to call your legislators.

Simply call your State Senator (we'll contact State Reps at a later point in the process) and ask whoever answers the phone if your legislator will support Senate Bill 1013 addressing workplace bullying and mobbing and urge the Senate to bring the bill to a floor vote.
(If the search doesn't work for your address, use a nearby address or search for your legislators on the Massachusetts Legislature website.)

(We also recommend you like your State Rep and State Senator on Facebook and post on their wall and/or page "What is your stance on the workplace anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill, Senate Bill 1013? Will you call Senator Lewis and Rep. Brodeur asking them to move the bill forward?" The public nature of the question encourages a response from your legislators. Report back their response, if any.)